House & Senate Bills Would Ensure Funding for the PRC: Act now!

Protect Paralysis Resource Center funding

We have good news! Key House and Senate committees have released their proposed budgets for 2018, and both proposals offer a funding level of $6.7 million - identical to the current year - for the Reeve Foundation’s Paralysis Resource Center (PRC). While the proposals aren't final, it's certainly welcome news considering President Trump's 2018 budget proposed the elimination of ALL funding for the Paralysis Resource Center. Thank YOU for your advocacy!

But the fight isn't over yet. The House and Senate must finalize their spending bills at some point before the end of the calendar year. We must band together to ensure that Congress includes the proposed funding level of $6.7 million for the PRC next year.

As you know, elimination of PRC funding from the federal budget may end this vital program and there is no other resource that can replicate its level of service, expertise and support for the 5.4 million Americans living with paralysis. Since its founding in 2002, the Paralysis Resource Center has helped hundreds of thousands of people access information, receive direct mentoring and support, and participate in grant-funded programs that improve quality of life. It is the only program of its kind in the country.

We urge you to contact your Representatives and Senators and tell them to support the recommended funding level for the Paralysis Resource Center. Simply enter your information to the right to get started. The process will take you just two minutes, but it can make a huge impact.

We STRONGLY urge you to personalize your letter with information on how the PRC and its programs have helped you and your family – your legislators will greatly appreciate hearing your story.

Your voice matters. Act now to protect the PRC!


Act now to protect the PRC! Tell Congress that the paralysis community says NO to cuts.


Thank you for taking the time to write your legislators. The Paralysis Resource Center needs your support so please encourage others to act by sharing this alert via email or social media.